TREND पकड़ो और पैसा बनाओ !

Trend trading is the most profitable trading style since many years. Below are some of the main points which needs to understood which trading the Trend.

1) EASY TRADING STYLE: It is basic and stressless way of Intraday trading which grantees profits. It is by far the most profitable way of trading ever in the stock market. It is based on price action and trend.

2) IMPUSLE/CORRECTION: In the trending market, Impulsive wave is big and the corrective wave is small, So the trend gets established.

3) TRADING TECHNIQUE: Trades are placed on the start of the impulsive wave and exited at the start of the correction thereby providing maximum profits.

4) TIMEFRAME APPLICABLE: It is applicable on all time frames as Trend is visible in every timeframe. Ignore the lower timeframes where the Noise is more.