Intraday Trading में Entry और Exit केसे करे?

Why Good Entry and Exit is Important?

In any form of trading, be it Intraday trading, Swing trading or Portfolio, Good Entry and Exit in a trade is as important as stock selection and Risk management. For having consistency in profits from the stock market Entry and exit plays important role.

You should devise you Entry and Exit based on sound technical and strategy and put aside the Emotions which are roadblock in trading.

Different Entry and Exit Strategies

There are different Entry and Exit strategies based on the Trading style, timeframes and frequency of trading.

# Price action based strategy

In this strategy only price is used in combination with the Support/resistance, Pivot points, Chart patterns and Candlestick patterns.

# Oscillator based strategy

In the strategy various Oscillators are used like RSI, Stochastics, MACD. Every Indicator generates Buy and Sell signals based on the Overbought and Oversold conditions.

# Moving average based strategy

In this strategy Moving average combination is used for crossovers. In some scenarios only single moving average is used for trading strategy.

# Combination of Price action, Indicator and Moving average

For high probability trading, Professional traders use combination of all the three for generating Good quality BUY and SELL Signals.